SCC Football Report – Week 3 – Crossover Blues

By Ray Curren


We apologize that we are no long allowed display the entire article here on SNCT but the link to the entire article will follow. Please enjoy the fine work by Ray Curren.

So we’ve survived another underwhelming “crossover” week in the Southern Connecticut Conference, filled with blowouts, coaches whining, and running clocks.

Frankly, I’m reluctant to write again about the full crossover week because I think you know where I stand on the subject. I still don’t understand why with 10 Division I teams and 10 games in which to play, we can’t see everyone play everyone (with one crossover).

Instead, we have two crossovers (and some teams have three depending on who they play on Thanksgiving), and matchups like Xavier and Wilbur Cross are nowhere to be seen.

I know we have a league, and everyone in the league should at least see each other every once in a while, and it was nice to see a matchup like Cheshire-Hillhouse, who played for the first time this week.

But for every nice Cheshire-Hillhouse game, there’s a Foran-Xavier debacle.

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