How to Fundraise for your Group can be a unique avenue for you to explore when it comes to fundraising for your group or event. You can hire us to produce your event and you sell the inherent sponsorship dollars. It works in a similar way to a program ad book , matter of fact, it fits nicely into the program ad campaign.

Let’s play out a senario to best explain how it works.

Your youth baseball league, your team can do this too, is playing a league champinship game and you want people in other parts of the world to view the game while making money for your league. You hire us to produce and broadcast the game. We handle all the setup, provide the equipment, streaming address, camera people, director and commentators. Your league pays the production cost and keeps the sponsorship inventory and turns into

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money for your league. It will add value to your current fundraising efforts.

Plan the event early and add it to your sponsorship package. For example your league solicits ads for a program book and signage on the outfield fence add a video or audio ad campaign to the portfolio and charge a higher rate.

A typical game can include a pregame, game and post-game with each segment creating a natural spots for an ad. So if a production cost $900.00 you divide the cost by the number of commercials to find your break-even point and them figure in the percentage of profit you want and add it to the cost of each spot.

In a 6-ininng baseball game

6 – 30 second pregame sports

12 – 30 second in game spots

6 – 30 second post-game spots

900/24 equals approxiamtley $40 per spot

Now find 12 sponsors they each receive 2 commercials per game for $120.

This equals $540.00 net profit.

Benefits of broadcasting the games as a fundraiser

  1. Creates awareness for teams and league
  2. May help to improve future enrollment into your program
  3. Parents, friends, grandparents and former players can remained involved
  4. This may lead to more sponsorship opportunities
  5. The players, fans and coaches can watch the replays
  6. They can use it as a teaching tool
  7. Each team will receive DVDs for the players
  8. Great way to preserve the memory of the event
  9. Professional Play-by-Play of the event included
  10. You can embed the event onto your league or team website

We can also provide audio coverage of your event at lower rates than video production.

* The cost of production used is the example is for that purpose only be contact Don Boyle at or call 203-927-4273 for pricing and scheuling information.