It was decided to cancel the Ice Hockey World Championship with the participation of the Ukrainian national team. It was previously discussed that the tournament was to be held in Poland from April 27 to May 3. Now there is information that it will not take place at all.
The International Ice Hockey Federation at the meeting decided to postpone the world championship in groups A and B indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, the national teams of such countries as Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Serbia will not play in the tournament.
The Ice Hockey World Championship, which was due to take place last year, has also been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competition was to be held in Switzerland in the spring.

We will also remind that earlier it was reported that due to the pandemic, many matches of a number of European football and tennis championships have already been postponed. A huge number of matches of the Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga, Premier League and League 1 did not take place either.

Also, UEFA moved the European Championship to 2021, and the French Tennis Federation moved Roland Garros to September. In addition, four Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Giro d’Italia, various boxing matches and other competitions were canceled.