Mass sports are going through hard times. But despite the obvious reasons, the holidays of life, emotions and new impressions still have a place to be. The organizers of major competitions and recreational sporting events have to go to great lengths to stay on the calendar and do everything so that we can have a great time.

X-Games winter 2022 – Aspen, USA
When: January 21-23.
A legendary event from the world of extreme sports. The X-Games can be called the Olympics, since the games also have a division into summer and winter. It is considered very prestigious to attend the Games. You will definitely have something to see and something to tell your friends after.

Super Bowl 2022 – Inglewood, USA
When: February 13.
American football is a huge layer of culture today. His concept went far beyond sports. The heat of passion can easily compete with the traditional World Cup of classic football. And the main distinguishing feature of the final match is its break.

Simple Session 2022 – Tallinn, Estonia

When: the exact date has not yet been determined.
Legendary competitions in the world of modern skateboarding and BMX freestyle, which are held annually in the Baltic States. Athletes from all over the world strive to get there in order to show the whole world their tricks and raise the bar in each of the disciplines even higher.

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