Before starting betting at bookmakers, any player should know that win will depend not only on luck, but also on other factors, for example, the ability to analyze information, competent bankroll planning, and the use of one or several types of strategies in a particular situation.
Experts recommend trying out stakes on a virtual account before starting with real money. Choose those disciplines in which you understand the most. Analysts also recommend choosing tournaments covered in major sports media. The player can conduct statistics of his own results in a test format. And the selected type of bets can always be changed or supplemented with a new one.

What are the most common sports bets?

In practice, the following types of sports stakes are most ordinary:

Single rate. A fairly well-known kind of stake that is often used by betting beginners. The player is given a chance to choose one of the outcomes of the event.

Handicap. This type of stake makes it possible to determine the odds between opponents. For example, if a leader and an outsider meet in a game, then there is no doubt about the victory, so the bookmaker offers to predict with what score the favorite will prevail over a weak opponent.

Double chance. The bookmaker offers the bettor to choose two outcomes of the event. If one of them falls out, the player receives a financial prize.

Total (over / under). Bookmaker’s office gives players a chance to predict the number of goals scored, the number of collected points, etc.

Time / match. Bettors have to predict who will win in the first half and who will win in the end. A reward can be earned if both options are correct.

Simple and complex multiple stakes. They combine simple types of stakes.

What sport to bet on: individual or team?

One or a couple of athletes take part in individual disciplines, so novice bettors may think that it is easier to make a qualitative analysis, but experts believe this opinion is erroneous. In a single sport, the importance of every detail increases, f.e. psychological state, mood, health.
It follows that an initially profitable rate with an accurate analysis may turn out to be ineffective due to one small nuance. If this happens in team sports, then the player is replaced, and this does not significantly affect the outcome of events.
Team sports are a good example of why you should watch your game closely. For example, in football, the study of meeting reports and various statistics plays an important role in drawing the big picture, as it helps to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of teams, including individual footballers. And watching broadcasts allows you to more accurately predict the outcome of future games.
Interestingly, almost 77% of bets in bookmakers before the pandemic were made in live, and about 23% in pre-match. Usually, people follow sports events in real time.

What are the most popular disciplines today?

Various types of disciplines are popular in each country. For example, in the United States, baseball is in the first place in the rating, in contrast to Europe, where football is assigned the highest position.
Most people gamble on well-known sports: major international tournaments and famous club leagues. For such events, bookmakers prepare a wide range of stakes and make it possible to make large stakes. Everyone individually decides which discipline to bet on in gambling.